学生/家长手册 & 政策


All qualified students may try out for membership on an athletic team and in extra-curricular activities. The school is committed to providing everyone a fair chance to participate. 不幸的是,不是每个试过的人都能被接受. 教练或裁判员的决定为最终决定. Parents are encouraged to help their children understand that not everyone will be selected.

Extra -Curricular Activity Code: Pertains to all school clubs and organizations aside from athletic teams and cheerleading squads.

All students engaged in school clubs and activities shall be doing passing work in at least 25 credit hours (5 Academic Classes) of high school work per week. Those students not meeting this requirement shall be ineligible for the next (7) calendar days, beginning the day immediately after the coach and student-athlete are notified. 驾驶员教育不属于25小时工作制.

学生必须在上午10点前到校.M. 为了参加练习或活动.     


大使计划对二年级学生、三年级学生和四年级学生开放. These students are selected by the administration to represent Alleman to the elementary schools and to help with incoming freshmen.

戏剧社对所有学生开放. 它的目的是每年展示三个主要的学校作品. Entertaining activities and educational field trips are also sponsored by the club.

AHS Habitat for Humanity Club is open to all students wishing to earn service hours, 获得领导机会, 并在帮助他人的同时获得乐趣! 会议在学校举行. Students age 16- 18 may build on Habitat for Humanity QC home sites on Saturdays during the school year. 来和正规网堵软件十大排行一起建设吧!

The International Club is open to all students interested in all foreign cultures and languages with an emphasis on Spanish and French. Various activities are planned throughout the year including a “Foreign Language and Cultural Awareness Week.”

Key Club is an international youth organization whose membership is dedicated to the service of home, 学校与社区. Membership is comprised of individuals who have applied for acceptance and been nominated by an Alleman faculty member.

1954年,国家荣誉协会在十大正规网堵软件成立了一个分会. To be selected as a member of the society is one of the highest honors that can be paid to a high school student. Its purpose is to give recognition to those who have distinguished themselves in character, 领导, 奖学金, 和服务. Members are chosen by the 教师 Council from among those students who have attended Alleman for one or more semesters and have completed the third quarter of their sophomore year. 这些学生被要求至少得3分.50 G.P.A. A copy of the Selection/Dismissal process is sent to each family in the first mailing of the school year.

十大正规网堵软件出版了一份校报“先锋出版社”。. 正规网堵软件十大排行鼓励所有学生向教职员提交文章. 

艾尔曼出版了一本学校年鉴《正规网堵软件十大排行》. 鼓励学生与主持人联系.

先锋音乐系的正式演出单位, is open to all students who have demonstrated musical ability through elementary and junior high school. Pep Band在所有的主场足球比赛中表演, 以及在四城地区的几次游行.

艾尔曼的美术与文学杂志每年出版一次. 其中包括诗歌, 短篇小说, essays, 艺术作品, 原创音乐作品, 以及各年级学生提交的外语作品. Students at all grade levels interested in being on the staff are encouraged to join.

This organization strives to "make a difference" in promoting and living a life without destructive decisions. Members pledge to abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol and degrading behavior. The group sponsors and promotes activities and campaigns to encourage students to "live above the influence.“这个组织对所有十大正规网堵软件学生开放.

The 学生会 organization is designed to be an important part of every school. Its aims are to serve as a medium of communication between the student body and the faculty and administration of a school, to provide opportunities for students to participate in the government of the school, 促进和维持个人责任的高标准, 倡议, 合作, 并在学生之间分享成熟的发展, 促销活动, 协调, 以及学校活动的管理, 从而培养所有学生的良好公民素质.

学生纪律 & 课外活动

Some student organizations have their own by-laws that govern student discipline within that organization. 如果你违反了校规, the by-laws of the organization will determine the appropriate discipline and the student’s standing within the organization that may go above and beyond the school’s disciplinary code.  Disciplinary procedures for all other clubs/activities will be handled as outlined below.

非常令人反感的习惯 例如拥有或使用或 留在有非法毒品的地方, 包括未成年人饮酒, or other Grave Offenses as listed in the Handbook can cause the student to be suspended from the club/organization. Any student who holds an elected office or appointed position in a school club/organization/team must resign from that office/position if he/she commits a grave offense as described in the handbook.

停学三十(30)天,不能参加俱乐部/组织活动. A first offense suspension for a member of Competitive Dance team will be calculated based on 1/3 of the season. This suspension does not affect activities which are required parts of a course grade. 如果在学校不上课的时候发生违法行为, 休学将于复课第一天起生效.

志愿录取, 以书面通知校长或副校长, by the student of an infraction involving substance abuse will result in the consequence being reduced by half. The purpose of this provision is to encourage the student to accept responsibility for his/her actions/decisions. The voluntary admission may NOT be used if the rule infraction is already known to the Principal and/or Assistant Principal. This provision may be used only once during a high school career and for a first offense only.

休学六十(60)天,不能参加俱乐部/组织活动. 然而如果, 第二次违规发生在第一次违规的365个日历日内, 然后将暂停一个日历年. 无资格期间不得同时执行. A second offense for a member of the Competitive Dance team will be calculated based on two-thirds of the season. 如果在学校不上课的时候发生违法行为, 休学将于复课第一天起生效.

The student will be suspended for a minimum of one calendar year from the date of the offense with the possibility of no further participation unless 50 hours of work detentions at Alleman are satisfactorily completed. 无资格期间不得同时执行.