Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for admission to Alleman Catholic High School?
Please contact the school by phone (309) 786-7793 or email us at We will assist you with the admissions process and aid in making your transition to the Alleman family as smooth as possible. 

How do I apply for admission as a transfer student?
Alleman High School has an open admissions policy and accepts transfer students. We welcome your questions and encourage you to visit with us. For additional information about the admissions policy, please contact us at (309) 786-7793.

If I am not Catholic, can I still attend Alleman?
On average, 12% of our student body is non-Catholic. Yes! Our curriculum is based on Catholic doctrine and beliefs but Alleman is open to students of all faiths. Student coursework includes four years of theology classes and attendance at Mass held at Alleman. Because the 14 Vicariate parishes help to support Alleman through financial assistance, there is a tuition discount for students who attend an affiliated parish.  It is Alleman's goal to make a Catholic education affordable for any family who wants their student to attend.

How can prospective students visit Alleman?
There are many opportunities for prospective students to visit Alleman. Please see our Admissions page for information for incoming Freshmen, Transfer Students, and International Students. 

How is course placement determined for Freshmen?
Our level placement process aims to help students progress, learn, and succeed. Students may move between levels throughout their four years of study to allow them to be challenged and successful.  If a student's performance in a particular subject indicates that he/she could perform better in another section of the subject, every effort will be made to change his/her schedule. Ordinarily, the classroom teacher and/or the guidance counselor are in the best position to evaluate the situation and recommend a change.

What is the cost of tuition and is financial aid available?
Please click here for the most recent tuition amounts. Financial aid information and forms are available in February. The FACTS financial aid form may be completed online.

Is there a dress code at Alleman?
Alleman High School enforces a dress code and personal appearance standards. Complete details are available in the Student/Parent Handbook